ElectroRoute Entering the German Market 05 Sep 2014

Today ElectroRoute signed contracts with two of the four transmission system operators within the German market.  This is a big step forward in the entry process to the German market and will be the second electricity market that ElectroRoute has entered this year, the first being France in June. These both add to ElectroRoute's current presence in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Ireland.  ElectroRoute intends to be present in Europe's five biggest electricity markets (Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy and Spain[1]) by the end of the current financial year.  This is part of our strategy to become a pan-European trading business providing services to market participants of all sizes and types.  ElectroRoute welcomes approaches from new potential clients and counterparties with needs in the electricity and environmental certificate sectors. For further information please contact Alan Mullane at  
ElectroRoute is also always on the lookout for individuals with an ambition to join a growing trading company full of opportunities. Please check out our careers section for further details.
[1] Source: Eurostat"


For further details, or if you are a current or prospective counterparty please contact

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