I-SEM DELAYED to 1 OCTOBER 2018 17 Apr 2018

I-SEM Delayed

Today the SEM Committee confirmed a delay to the start of I-SEM, with the new electricity market now scheduled to commence on Monday 1 October 2018 [1].  This four month delay has primarily arisen due to significant delays and issues in the development of central market operator systems. 

The I-SEM represents a critical modernising step for the industry ahead of smart meter initiatives and increased renewable penetration.  Ireland will not be able to achieve a secure decarbonised energy system in the near future without I-SEM.  ElectroRoute expects to be one of the largest trading partner in the new market and will play a vital role in enabling many independent power producers and other market participants to access the wholesale markets.  

ElectroRoute has been working hard with our clients, SEMO and other stakeholders to ensure readiness for the May go-live date and will ensure this momentum is maintained so that our clients are market-ready well in advance of the new go-live date.

Stay tuned for further Insights on the implications and oportunites this delay creates. In the meantime if you would like to discuss the implications of I-SEM or how ElectroRoute can support your business, please get in touch at


[1]: Link to announcement from the SEM Committe: