ElectroRoute Welcomes I-SEM Go Live

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ElectroRoute welcomed the Go-Live date for I-SEM


Today (1st October 2018), ElectroRoute, welcomed the go-live date for the new Integrated Single Electricity Market (I-SEM) for the whole island of Ireland. ElectroRoute has worked vigorously to have their clients and systems ready for the market change, which was originally due on May 23rd, taking over 1000MW worth of managed assets into the new market.

Ronan Doherty, CEO, said “I-SEM go-live marks a key milestone for Ireland with respect to energy integration in Europe. While it brings its own challenges, it is also a vital modernising step for the electricity industry on the important journey towards complete decarbonisation.“

I-SEM is designed to integrate the all-island electricity market with European electricity markets, as well as incentivising generators and suppliers to use capacity more efficiently, resulting in a more competitive market.

“For the renewable sector in Ireland becoming “balance responsible” (where you have an obligation to manage the uncertainty and variable nature of your output) is an important signal of its maturity. This is consistent with the central role renewables will play in electricity supply for generations to come.” Dr. Doherty continued.

For the latest on I-SEM, make sure you follow our in-depth I-SEM analysis blog series, ‘The First Week of I-SEM, Day One’

For more information on I-SEM, please contact our Client Services team clientservices@electroroute.com




About ElectroRoute

ElectroRoute was established in 2011.  Since then, our mission has been to bring our pioneering spirit and precision analysis to the liberalised energy markets in Ireland, the UK, and continental Europe.  Headquartered in Dublin, we employ a dedicated team of over 60 experienced energy professionals.

In 2016 we became part of the Mitsubishi family who have brought with them a wealth of innovation and global energy experience which is allowing us to enhance and grow our client base and service offerings.

As of 2018 we are also an electricity supplier to large-scale users in Great Britain, working alongside customers and TPIs to provide clean, reliable energy to the GB market.


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