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Working At ElectroRoute

At ElectroRoute, we select and work with the best.  We have an extremely talented team on board.  We offer an exciting working environment which promotes development, encouragement and discovery.  Our employees are our most valuable resource and we continuously acknowledge the contribution that they make to our success.  We believe that company success and employee self-fulfilment are mutually exclusive and both are treated with utmost importance.  Our value system is shared and lived by everyone.  We believe in working hard but  also like to celebrate our success. 

Our team spirit is evident both in the office and during our social gatherings.  It is this sense of camaraderie and team spirit which makes ElectroRoute a great company to be a part of. 

For further details, or if you are a current or prospective counterparty please contact

+353 (0)1 687 5700