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Being a part of the Mitsubishi family has allowed us to enhance and grow our client base and service offerings.

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The Company

ElectroRoute is an independent energy trading and services company, established in 2011. Our mission is to bring our pioneering spirit and precision analysis to liberalise the energy markets of Ireland, Great Britain and Continental Europe.

In 2016, we became part of the Mitsubishi Corporation family, who have brought with them a wealth of innovation and global energy experience which is allowing us to enhance and grow our client base and service offerings. We became an electricity supplier to large-scale users in Great Britain in 2018, working alongside customers and TPIs to provide clean, reliable energy to the GB market.

ElectroRoute in 2011

ElectroRoute is established by its founding members; Ronan Doherty PhD, Alan Mullane PhD, Alex Bryson, Eamonn O’Donoghue MBA and Bernie Fitzpatrick FCA

ElectroRoute in 2012
  • ElectroRoute completes its first Power Trade
  • ElectroRoute completes its first Financial Trade
  • ElectroRoute enters into the British Market
ElectroRoute in 2013
  • ElectroRoute’s team of dedicated professionals expands
  • ElectroRoute enter into the Dutch Market
  • David Franklin is appointed to the Board of Directors
ElectroRoute in 2014
  • Caoimhe Giblin, Head of Client Services, joins ElectroRoute
  • ElectroRoute completes its first German Power Trade
  • ElectroRoute enters into the French and Italian Market
ElectroRoute in 2015
  • ElectroRoute passes 500MW of assets under management
  • ElectroRoute completes its first Gas Trade
  • ElectroRoute completes its 100,000th exchange trade
ElectroRoute in 2016
  • ElectroRoute agrees on a major new partnership with Mitsubishi Corporation
  • ElectroRoute relocates HQ to Dublin city centre
  • ElectroRoute’s team of dedicated professionals expands to 40 employees
ElectroRoute in 2017
  • ElectroRoute structures and manages the energy trading activities for the Microsoft and GE PPA
  • ElectroRoute establishes Great Britain supply business
ElectroRoute in 2018
  • ElectroRoute’s team of dedicated professionals expands to 65 employees
  • ElectroRoute grows to 1.2GW of assets under management in I-SEM
  • ElectroRoute starts supplying Industrial, Commercial and SME sites in Great Britain and signs first PPAs with solar and wind farm generators
  • ElectroRoute completes first Power Trades in Tokyo
  • ElectroRoute expands Global Fuels and Gas Trading
ElectroRoute in 2019
  • ElectroRoute awarded ‘Outstanding Contribution Award’ at the inaugural Irish Wind Industry Awards.
  • Dedicated team of professionals expands to 75
  • Completed first ever trade on newly opened TOCOM Japanese Futures Exchange
ElectroRoute in 2020
  • ElectroRoute awarded ‘Best Professional Services Award’ at the second annual Irish Wind Industry Awards.