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Working at ElectroRoute

A Sense of Ownership

Working at ElectroRoute offers something special. Our underlying HR philosophy at ElectroRoute is built on the premise that if you ‘Get the People Right, the Rest Will Follow’. We believe that it is our people who determine and agree on our future path. The management team focuses on strategic development, but more importantly on team empowerment to deliver this agreed strategy. The contribution that employees make to the development of the company is valued and nurtured. Our industry is changing continuously. We understand the sensitivity of change for employees, but we encourage them to embrace it. Change brings opportunity for personal development. At ElectroRoute, we believe in developing our team members for their next career opportunity. Recruiting new employees for big roles is a formula which has worked well and there are numerous examples across the company of career advancement opportunities including secondments to other locations. Training & development is high on the agenda. Team building and individual coaching opportunities are available to enhance potential. Variety and trying something new keeps us curious.

Diversity and Inclusion

ElectroRoute is an equal opportunity employer.  We aim to create value through diversity and inclusion. We seek to attract candidates to reflect the diverse nature of our society. Diversity and inclusion allow the ElectroRoute team to be curious, creative, and promote positive change. We understand the many demands on all our employees, and we adopt flexible working arrangements where possible. Working at ElectroRoute offers something special for everyone.

Recognising and Rewarding

At ElectroRoute, we understand how expensive life can be. Whether it is the cost of rent or paying for childcare, it is not easy. We believe that all our employees should be paid competitively and rewarded for a job well done. We are continuously enhancing our remuneration & benefits offering. We like an element of surprise and offer additional treats to employees on a regular basis. Rewards are not just financial, we recognise employee respect as a must-have and believe as a company we need to ensure we have this for everyone. Our rewards include:

  • Employee Assistance Programmes
  • Modern Office Facilities (including shower & bike racks) in accessible locations
  • Free breakfast (cereals & fruit)
  • Competitive salaries
  • Performance related bonuses
  • Excellence Awards
  • Health care plans
  • Pension, disability & life cover
  • Training & Development
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Professional body subscription fees
  • Work-life balance initiatives
  • Hybrid working model
  • Sports & social activities

Our Company Values

The ElectroRoute Person

The ElectroRoute person is passionate about energy trading, technology and services. They bring experience and commitment to ElectroRoute, which helps build on our company reputation as a responsive trading company with valuable market insights. The ElectroRoute person is someone who wants to work hard and who enjoys contributing to company successes. Someone who likes to test the status quo and adjusts as they go. The ElectroRoute person is someone who respects others and welcomes diversity. ElectroRoute is a great place to be for people who want to learn new things, contribute to a great mission and celebrate along the way.

Is that you?

Our Living Culture

At ElectroRoute, it is our people who make our culture great. Our culture emanates from three strong values, Excellence, Curiosity and Humanity. These values are deeply ingrained in everything we do. We measure ourselves both individually and as a company against these values to ensure that they get our full commitment. Our continuous focus on our values has instilled pride in where we work and how we do business. We believe that these values are both transferable and sustainable as we grow.

Excellence promotes hard work and a desire to be the best we can be.

Curiosity promotes innovation and creativity. We are not afraid to question and explore the unknown.

Humanity ensures respect for each other and the world around us. We believe in honest communications and practice accordingly.

Fun Along the Way!

We believe in celebrating our successes no matter how small. Whether it is sharing a cake together or traversing between cliff stacks, we like to have fun. There is something for everyone at ElectroRoute. The company is happy to support all suggestions.

Sports & Social activities include sporting events (Charity Runs, Annual Christmas Football Game and Tag Rugby), team and company celebrations, annual trip to Donegal for team building activities and many more social outings throughout the year

Be Part of the Future

Currently active in eleven international electricity markets, including Ireland, the UK, France, the Netherlands, Italy and Japan.  We are a company that is moving forward in the Energy Trading market. We have ambitions to expand into several more international jurisdictions in the coming years. To achieve its ambitions ElectroRoute wishes to continue to grow its high calibre team and is always seeking exceptional individuals to join us on our journey in changing how the energy marketplace works.

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