Power Purchase Agreements

Our flexible and secure Power Purchase Agreements allow you to unlock the full potential of your asset while mitigating market risks Contact Us

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Renewable Assets globally face a series of market risks. Government subsidies remove or reduce some of these risks. In the absence of subsidies, alternative solutions are needed to manage these risks and to provide the certainty needed for equity and debt investment.

ElectroRoute is a market leader in managing market risks for renewables. We can provide a variety of bespoke robust solutions for independent asset owners who are looking for an optimised and flexible route to market for their renewable project. These structured include:

  • Subsidy Linked PPA – a straightforward, bankable power purchase agreement on competitive terms that removes key market risks, including forecasting, balancing, cashflow and regulatory risks, and is tailored to meet the specific requirements of the project and your lenders.
  • Long Term Fixed Price PPA – for unsubsidised projects, ElectroRoute can offer long term bankable PPA solutions which provides long term revenue certainty.

Currently ElectroRoute offers these contractual structures in Ireland, Northern Ireland, Great Britain, Spain, Italy and Japan with flexibility to provide services in other markets.


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