ElectroRoute Codes of Practice



ElectroRoute is committed to its customers and to delivering the highest standard of service. As part of this commitment, we have carefully drafted our Codes of Practice which are available to download from the links below

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ElectroRoute Codes of Practice



Deposit Policy


Code of Practice on Billing and Disconnection


Code of Practice on Marketing and Sign Up


Code of Practice on Complaints Handling


Code of Practice on Smart Services


High Level Statement on Gas Tariffs


Contact Us

We welcome questions, comments and requests regarding these Codes of Practice. Please send them to:


2 Cumberland Place, Third Floor
Fenian Street, Dublin 2,

Email: info@electroroute.com

Phone: + 353 (0) 1 687 5700


Changes to our Codes of Practice

Any changes we make to our Codes of Practice in the future will be posted on our website (at https://electroroute.com/). Please check back frequently to see any changes.