Conclusion of Balancing Market Contract with Shizuoka Gas & Power K.K.

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June 6, 2024 PRESS RELEASE


Conclusion of Balancing Market Contract with Shizuoka Gas & Power K.K.


ElectroRoute Japan K.K (ERJ) has concluded a Balancing Market Contract with Shizuoka Gas & Power K.K. (SGP).


Utilizing the VPP system owned by ERJ and a Gas Peaking plant (32,610kW, in Fuji-city, Shizuoka Prefecture) owned by SGP, ERJ will trade in the daily RR-FIT auction as part of the Balancing Market.


The Balancing Market was established in April 2021 for Transmission System Operators to procure replacement reserve to manage the frequency and balance of supply and demand in each region. In recent years, the amount of intermittent renewable generators such as solar PV and wind generation have been growing. The flexible capacity traded in the Balancing Market will be utilized to increase grid stability and to allow more renewable generators to be brought online. Flexible generators will continue to increase in importance due to the stability they can provide to the grid.


ERJ will expand its aggregation business through participation in the Balancing Market and will contribute to the realization of our Net Zero goals by aiming to both expand the introduction of renewable energy and ensure a stable electricity supply through utilizing flexible assets.


Business structure:

Reference: Electric Power Reserve eXchange Website


ElectroRoute Japan K.K.:

  • Address: Marunouchi 3-2-2, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 2nd Floor, Marunouchi Nijubashi Building
  • Business Profile: Utilizing own IT platform and market expertise to provide renewable energy-related services. Aiming to promote green transformation in Japan by leveraging the know-how acquired through its European business to realize a carbon-neutral society.
  • CEO: Alan Mullane
  • Contact Information: ElectroRoute Japan K.K Service & Contract


Shizuoka Gas & Power K.K.

  • Address: Tsuda 260-12, Fuji-city, Shizuoka prefecture
  • Business Profile: As a leader of electricity business in the Shizuoka gas Group, mainly provide services related to retail electricity and power generation.
  • CEO: Satoshi Ueki