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三菱商事グループ企業、ElectroRouteは 、2022年4月に日本法人エレクトロルート ジャパン株式会社を設立しました。


現在、アイルランド、英国、欧州、日本で90人を超えるエネルギー専門スタッフを雇用。自社のトレーディング・プラットフォームであるElectroRoute CORE を活用して、24時間年中無休体制で、14のエネルギー市場における風力発電所、太陽光発電所、蓄電池施設を含む再生可能エネルギー・アセットに対し、様々なトレーディング・サービスを提供しています。



ElectroRoute, a part of Mitsubishi Corporation, has established a Japanese subsidiary ElectroRoute Japan K.K. in April 2022.

ElectroRoute is an international, renewables-focused, energy trading and services company, established in 2011, headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.

The company has grown rapidly to now employ over 90 energy professionals located in Ireland, the UK, Europe and Japan, operating 24/7, utilising its bespoke trading platform ElectroRoute CORE to provide essential trading services to renewable assets including wind farms, solar farms, and batteries in 14 separate energy markets.

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Over 1.4GW

of assets under management


trading operations for over 8 years


commodity turnover 18/19

13 million

MWh traded in 2017


dedicated professionals


in 11 energy markets

Our Team

Our dedicated team are passionate about energy trading and its services. They bring experience and commitment to ElectroRoute, which helps us build on our reputation as a responsive trading company with valuable market insights.

Our Company Values

Our desire to provide unsurpassed quality and excellence is what drives us to succeed. We have a strong ethical approach to our work and an insatiable inquisitiveness which keeps us on top of the ever-evolving energy space.

Our Charities

Understanding and appreciating what we have in life is an important perspective for everyone. Each year ElectroRoute aims to support charitable causes that efficiently aid those less fortunate.

ElectroRoute in 2011

ElectroRoute is established by its founding members; Ronan Doherty PhD, Alan Mullane PhD, Alex Bryson, Eamonn O’Donoghue MBA and Bernie Fitzpatrick FCA

ElectroRoute in 2012
  • ElectroRoute completes its first Power Trade
  • ElectroRoute completes its first Financial Trade
  • ElectroRoute enters into the British Market
ElectroRoute in 2013
  • ElectroRoute’s team of dedicated professionals expands
  • ElectroRoute enter into the Dutch Market
  • David Franklin is appointed to the Board of Directors
ElectroRoute in 2014
  • Caoimhe Giblin, Head of Client Services, joins ElectroRoute
  • ElectroRoute completes its first German Power Trade
  • ElectroRoute enters into the French and Italian Market
ElectroRoute in 2015
  • ElectroRoute passes 500MW of assets under management
  • ElectroRoute completes its first Gas Trade
  • ElectroRoute completes its 100,000th exchange trade
ElectroRoute in 2016
  • ElectroRoute agrees on a major new partnership with Mitsubishi Corporation
  • ElectroRoute relocates HQ to Dublin city centre
  • ElectroRoute’s team of dedicated professionals expands to 40 employees
ElectroRoute in 2017
  • ElectroRoute structures and manages the energy trading activities for the Microsoft and GE PPA
  • ElectroRoute establishes Great Britain supply business
ElectroRoute in 2018
  • ElectroRoute’s team of dedicated professionals expands to 65 employees
  • ElectroRoute grows to 1.2GW of assets under management in I-SEM
  • ElectroRoute starts supplying Industrial, Commercial and SME sites in Great Britain and signs first PPAs with solar and wind farm generators
  • ElectroRoute completes first Power Trades in Tokyo
  • ElectroRoute expands Global Fuels and Gas Trading
ElectroRoute in 2019
  • ElectroRoute awarded ‘Outstanding Contribution Award’ at the inaugural Irish Wind Industry Awards.
  • Dedicated team of professionals expands to 75
  • Completed first ever trade on newly opened TOCOM Japanese Futures Exchange
ElectroRoute in 2020
  • ElectroRoute awarded ‘Best Professional Services Award’ at the second annual Irish Wind Industry Awards.

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